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Mixed elements of ballet-inspired exercises, Pilates, dance, yoga, strength & conditioning training. The moves, variations and choreography are put together in a one-hour class to help you create beautiful, long, lean, sculpted muscles. In each energizing and targeted class, you will use the ballet barre, along with tools such as mini-balls, resistance bands and small hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body. Get ready to tone & tighten, shake & burn in this class. You will be so thrilled about your barre practice, you will never regret coming to class, EVER. Whether it is your first time, or whether you are a seasoned student, every class is different, you will always challenge your bodies, never hit a plateau. In this class you can either dial up, or dial down the intensity of your barre class.  Teachers will always cue modifications first prior to adding more movement, weight and/or choreography.  This class is perfect for the beginner to the most advanced barre babe.  Our 60-minute class starts with a warm-up series, arm work, series of ballet barre or floor exercises that focus on the thighs – which we then stretch. Our seat series follows using the ballet barre or floor. We finish off the seat with more stretching. In between classes, we have a number of abdominal exercises, back extensions, and so much more. We wrap up the class with some fun “back-dancing” and then onto our final stretch.


“Barre Basics” is an ideal class for students that are new to Barre and also for experienced students that want a truly focused work out. This class is slower-paced and allows for time to assimilate the name and basic alignment principles for each exercise. There are less variations taught and more holds and cuing so that students can truly understand each position, why they are doing it and how to refine their own alignment within each exercise.

This class is a more nurturing Barre experience and is also designed for those recovering from surgery, illness or injury, for seniors and new practitioners.  This is incredibly beneficial for education for the newer and experienced students to improve their own practice. 


This class has the intensity of "BARRE" condensed to 45 minutes.


This one-hour class is a fusion of barre, dance and yoga. We will utilize a basic Vinyasa yoga flow to help warm up the body in preparation for our barre postures/workout.  Combining more yoga and barre will assist in giving long lean muscles, along with the intensity of a barre workout. This is a total body workout geared toward strengthening & toning the physique for a lean, sculpted look. Barre Flow is a revitalizing and restorative barre fitness class, using a combination of dynamic Vinyasa flow and active stretching techniques, and dance conditioning paired with a deep focus on elongation and breath. This class will not only tone the body, it will focus the mind too.  Open to all levels.


HIIT THE BARRE (Cardio Barre)
A 50-minute Barre/Cardio/HIIT/Plyo hybrid class that focuses on the same foundation and alignment principles of a Barre class, but provides amazing heart strengthening benefits by combining periods of high and low intensity movements. Get ready to work your whole entire body in this class.  Core conditioning, arm work, thigh work, glutes, AND cardio combined at the barre.  This class is for the more advanced barre student who wants to take their practice to the next level.  While options and modifications are given regularly to enable all students to be successful, students are encouraged to work at their own level and to make the positioning the priority for each exercise. This is an ideal class for perfecting your practice while receiving a challenging cardio workout.

ABC - ABSoGLUTEly Barre Chic

All Butt & Core!  Always do your ABCs!!!  This 40-min fiery barre class is all about the abs and booty. Strengthen your entire core and lift that booty through a series of ballet-inspired movements designed to tone and strengthen using elements from Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. The whole entire class is dedicated to the CORE & CHEEKS!!! It's ABSoGLUTEly amazing!!!!






This is a 50-minute class that offer students a fun, energetic, challenging, low impact, heart-rate lifting cardio burn on our state-of-the-art FreeMotion bikes.  Our awesome instructors will lead you through flat roads, hills, intervals, jumps, and so much more, all while you listen to music that will move and groove you.  This class combines indoor cycling, abdominal and arm work encompassing a complete, total body toning, conditioning, and core strengthening workout.  This class is great for all fitness levels. We guarantee you will love POWERSpyn!!!  Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of time to set up your bikes, especially if you are new to indoor cycling. ***STUDIO POLICIES STRICTLY ENFORCED-ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ARRIVALS, PERIOD.***

POWERSpyn & SCULPT (Bike + Barre)

This 65-minute bike and barre experience ALL-IN-ONE. Think "POWERSpyn" and "BARRE" in one class. Torch calories all throughout class - cardio on the bikes for half the class class - lift, tone, lengthen and sculpt for the other half of class. Fun, challenging & effective.  Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of time to set up your bike. Also allow 5 mins to switch studios from barre to bike or bike to barre. ***STUDIO POLICIES STRICTLY ENFORCED-ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ARRIVALS, PERIOD.***





Embark on a journey that will synchronize breath with movement. Our practice is rooted in gratitude, and focused on building strength, balance, and flexibility through a challenging and energizing Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice.  Students will cleanse the body, calm the mind.  You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength-building workout combined with POWERful yoga flows, poses & breath work.


All levels welcome. Be sure to bring a water bottle.  Please bring your own yoga mat.


This one-hour class is a movement practice that fuses tribal dance, plyometrics, power yoga into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out.  This class transforms the way the body looks and performs almost instantly.  Many students say they notice a change in their abdominal structure even during their first class.  If you want a fun, challenging, "dance-like-nobody-is-watching" kind of a class, this is it!!!


All levels welcome. Be sure to bring a water bottle.  Please bring your own yoga mat.

This 60-minute class is part flow, part work, part workshop! We will flow to warm up the body, condition the body that leads to arm balances and inversions woven throughout the class flow. Inversions and arm balances require patience, strength, coordination and grace. Be okay to fall. The only way to learn and get stronger is to overcome fear and anything that may be foreign to you and your body. Come fly with us!!! 


All levels welcome. Be sure to bring a water bottle.  Please bring your own yoga mat.


"Mini Yogis" is a fun and inspiring way for children to develop important psychological, physical and emotional skills in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Yoga is for all ages, but the earlier we start the earlier we can begin to absorb the many benefits. The goal of “Kids Yoga" is to preserve physical flexibility and the happy hearts we were all born with. Children can carry the mind and body lessons of yoga with them into adulthood, so they can lead more peaceful and centered lives.  This class is for the younger kids which will be more story-based as they go through various yoga poses.  These mini yogis will develop flexibility, balance, coordination, build self-esteem and confidence, and strengthen mind-body connection. 



POWERS POLElography 


Dress Code:  Pole classes require skin contact to grip the pole. Do not apply lotion, oils or perfumes before classes as this will damage the poles and make it diffucult for your keep friction. Shorts and a tank top or workout bra-top will work well, but wear what you feel comfortable in.  No heels for PoleFIT, FlexiFIT, and Pole Tricks classes.


Pole Disclaimer:  Poles are designed to only hold 180 lbs.  Students must have healthy shoulders, wrists and back. 



Come get your sweat on in this fun conditioning class! Pole Fit is an hour long workout that uses exercises on and off the pole to help students get stronger. If you've tried pole before, you know it's not as easy as it looks! This class will get students strong enough to hold themselves up on the pole, and develop the upper body strength needed to learn those crazy pole tricks you've always wanted to do. 

All levels welcome. Be sure to bring a water bottle. Please bring your own yoga mat.



Life is better upside down! Join us for a fun yet challenging hour of inverting. You will first cover headstands and handstands, forearm stands with the pole, incorporating leg variations that work for your body type. Then you will learn inversions on the pole including the basic invert, shoulder mounts, handsprings, butterfly, and other inverted tricks. Some arm balances will be thrown in for strength and conditioning.  Get ready to werk ladies!

Prerequisite: Must be able to a basic handstand against a wall. Healthy shoulders are recommended before taking this workshop.​​


 Let loose for an hour and get your sexy on in Pole Dance 101!  Get ready to learn flirty pole dance moves while you  tone and strengthen.  This class will cover the basics of pole dancing, including transitional movements around the pole, simple spins, body rolls, and more.  We want to help empower women by offering a safe, nonjudgmental environment where you can release your inner sexy and get in touch with your body. You will leave feeling empowered, confident, and beautiful in your own skin.  Come dance with us and learn how to move your body in ways you never knew you could!  Let your inner sexy goddess self roam free and tone those muscles in the process! Prepare to amaze yourself.  Go from "I don't like to dance" to "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TO DANCE!!"  


All levels welcome.  Be sure to bring a water bottle.  Heels are recommended for this class.



 Need to practice or perfect your spins, tricks, and/or poses?  Here is your chance.  Open Pole/Pole Practice will allow you to work on those moves so that you can be the best that you can be.  Powers Pole Play is an open session.  Spend the hour working independently on whatever your heart desires.  Practice what you've learned in classes or have a little fun play time.  An instructor is NOT present and due to the limited amount of equipment, availability is on a first-come first-serve basis.  Please check MindBody for "POWERS POLE PLAY" days, times and hourly rate. 




Click on "Events" tab under "Pole Parties" for more information.


Make your next group event unique, explosive, memorable, fun, and SEXY with j.POWERStudio's "POWERS POLE PARTIES!"


A great way to get any party started (birthday parties, bachelorette parties, Girls' Night Out, divorce parties, etc.), and guaranteed to fire-up the gang with a great endorphin high.  Learn some pole tricks, sexy moves, dance moves while you celebrate a memorable occasion!  

Three hours with friends (which includes 1.5 hours of Pole Instruction (fit & sexy).


Attire:  It is recommended to wear clothing you can move around in.  Skin contact with the pole to help grip and hold yourself up would be helpful; shorts, spandex shorts, booty shorts are highly recommended.  Feel free to wear sexy clothing and bring out the high heels as well.  Most important to wear something you'll feel sexy and be comfortable in.  

Please contact jasmine at for prices or to reserve a studio or plan your POWERS POLE PARTY!!!