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Finished floors ~ lots of natural lighting ~ stereo ~ tennis shoes, street shoes, and dance shoes permitted.

STUDIO RENTAL - Hourly Rates

j.POWERStudio is pleased to offer our community three studios for rent at affordable rates.  Our studios can be rented for rehearsals and photoshoots, but NOT for classes or private lessons.  Please contact Jasmine at 707-567-0657 or to reserve a studio.

Rates are based on the number of people in the studio:

  • 1-7 people - $30.00/hr
  • 8-14 people - $35.00/hr
  • 15-25 people - $40.00/hr
  • 26-40 people - $50.00/hr

Rental Policies

Payment (cash, check or credit card) is due before you enter the studio to begin your rental.

Please check in at the Front Desk before you begin rehearsal/rental time.
Studios are available for rehearsals and classes NOT offered at j.POWERStudio.  
On-going rental is available.  Scheduling and billing must be pre-arranged.
We ask that you call us immediately at 707-567-0657 if you are going to cancel - especially for evening and weekend rentals when we are extremely busy.  Please give us a one-day advance notice of cancelation.  We do not currently have a cancelation fee, but your consideration will allow us to continue this courtesy.


Carpet ~ stereo ~ natural lighting – absolutely no shoes ~ socks only