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WHAT is BeatBoss

BeatBoss offers an all-encompassing certification for instructors, top-notch indoor cycling studio consulting as well as expertise in productions and events from concept to execution.

The BeatBoss Indoor Biking Certification uses a three-pronged approach by showing instructors how to:

  • "Ride the Beat" using music as the foundation (Evokes emotions. Accountability)

  • Utilize a systematic, data-driven approach (Grounded in science)

  • Inspired by a trifecta (Road, Mountain, and BMX) of outdoor biking styles (Game-changing plane of motion training)

We Master The Beat.
We Ride With Intention.
Inspired By Three Biking Styles.
We Bring Purpose To The Party.

Become a RockStar Indoor Cycling Instructor with BeatBoss Indoor Biking™ HOSTED at j.POWERStudio:

There's been a huge gap between “Road Style” and “Party on The Bike" classes in the indoor cycling industry with no nationally accredited certification offered for rhythm ride Instructors. Until BeatBoss.

BeatBoss has created one amazing certification blending these two styles using Watts and RPM data plus off-road (Mountain and BMX Biking) inspired movement on the bike. As progressive game-changers, they’ve coined the term "Indoor Biking" and developed a first of its kind, 14 hour, (ACE, NASM, AFAA Approved Education Provider), comprehensive Instructor certification. They may be ahead of the indoor cycling curve but are grounded in years of fitness.

BeatBoss Indoor Biking is the first of it's kind Certification driven by the beat of the music. They're also inspired by three outdoor biking styles; Road, Mountain, and BMX giving you purpose for upper body add-ons. You finally have a nationally accredited certification that supports the way you love to teach and giving you purpose to the bike party!

In the BeatBoss BootCamp Weekend, you’ll learn to cue, curate playlists and basic music theory. You'll get hands on, one-on-one coaching and so much more. No other certification offers this at such a great price. You'll walk away confident and prepared to head up a great class! New to teaching or seasoned veterans will gain so much knowledge and grow their existing classes. Learn, grow and up your game with BeatBoss! 



  • Become a part of this first of its kind certification.  BeatBoss is a NASM, ACE & AFAA approved education provider and can be petitioned with other certifying bodies.
  • Limit your liability. Professional industry standards require a professional certification.

  • Receive extensive training in "Riding The Beat" as well as utilizing various other biking styles to give you a legitimate, accredited foundation to a style you love to teach.

  • Learn to utilize metrics and data in class to take your riders to new heights. You will also learn how to use bike computers to enhance your riders' experience. If your studio does not have computers, you will learn how to teach without the visuals.

  • Curate playlists at a faster rate, learn verbal and non-verbal cueing, and learn to incorporate many elements of a great class.

  • Develop the "Instructor Ear" much faster.

  • Stand out from other instructors; BeatBoss Instructors have unique and powerful energy.

  • Build larger followings and class size which will create a demand for those coveted wait listed classes.

  • Increase efficiency meaning less time creating playlist. Because we all know that time equals money.

  • Broaden your repertoire of moves thereby creating a dynamic, ever changing class that your riders will love to take where they will never get bored or feel stuck in rut.

  • Increase your riders' proficiency in their own personal fitness goals.

  • Create stronger relationships in class and your own personal fitness brand by harnessing BeatBoss principles.

  • Become a better instructor in a fraction of the time. We take you from good to great in less time. Your BeatBoss certification is a true investment.

  • Receive fabulous discounts at retailers like Lulu, Athleta and Lucy.


  • $499 regular price 

  • $399 early bird (ends 30 days before BootCamp Weekend) going through BeatBoss certification.  

  • Non-refundable but transferrable.             

  • The BeatBoss Indoor Biking Certification is great for the novice to seasoned instructors along with personal trainers wanting to expand their offerings. This 14 hour (14 hours of CEC's) includes on-ramp, pre-cert weekend video's, individual and group Coaching and a paperless manual.