ARIES.  Fiery Aries, highly active, loves to POWERSpyn due to her fast legs, HIIT It & Quit It, or do the BUTI, basically anything cardio-based.  She loves to win and nail each exercise.  She has a warrior spirit and has a love for speed.

TAURUS.  Oh the Taurus is all about challenge.  She knows how important it is to keep her body fit, and not get complacent.  You will find her with the heavier weights, doing extra reps, and going above and beyond.  No matter what you throw at her, she will adapt to it to suit her ever-evolving progress.  The avid JPS Barre Babe and occasional JPS Yogi.  

GEMINI.  Super high-energy social butterly who loves to be around people.  You’ll catch her chatting it up with the JPS community even long after class starts.  She loves to learn, just your typical sponge.  Loves to be adjusted and asks to be adjusted.  Definitely a barre addict.

CANCER.  Oh she loves the mind-body connection and is definitely a JPS Yogi.  It helps her to find her inner stability and balance her emotions. all while giving her a full-body workout. She goes with the flow and grows with the flow.  She’s in sync with the universe.

LEO.  The Leo likes to play before work.  Doesn’t quite have the patience for her workouts, but she knows she’s gotta do it.  Any activity that’s more fun than work, she’s all about it.  Basically our laid-back Leo, goes with the flow.  

VIRGO.  Definitely a JPS barre babe, loves the structure, loves the format, and BARRE definitely suits this detail-oriented Virgo perfectly.  The Virgo babe is highly-intelligent, practical and methodical.  She loves anything that is alignment-based.  

LIBRA.  Graceful dancer, the goddess of love, beauty and relationships.  Has an amazing zest for life and yearns to feel balanced and healthy in her body.  Dancing makes her feel totally alive, vibrant and connected.  Loves Buti Yoga, Barre, Pole Dance 101, and dancing on the bikes in POWERSpyn.  Her workouts are always better and stronger with a workout buddy!

SCORPIO.  Spinning Scorpio.  Super intense and super driven.  LOVES Pole Fitness, POWERSpyn and POWERSpyn & Sculpt.  Not too much barre, but just enough.  POWERSpyn lets her dig in to realize the full force of her power.  She goes all-out in every drill.  Pole Fitness allows this Scorpio to spin into tricks and inverts that soothes her soul.  Scorpio loves to SPIN on the pole or on the bikes!!!!

SAGITTARIUS.  Loves the outdoors, loves to explore, loves running.  Hates the treadmill, so she gets most of her cardio outdoors, and comes to pole classes and Barre for her strength & conditioning.  These classes help her use up her boundless energy, strengthen her body, and work muscles she never thought she had.  She’s super optimistic and super enthusiastic about nailing her tricks.

CAPRICORN.  Oh the over-achiever, the Capricorn (the goat) represents the climb to the top of the mountain.  Super ambitious, she’ll grab the heavier weights, nail the arm balances, never break in thigh exercises in barre, and loves the heavy, heavy hill climbs on the bike.  She’s not afraid of hard work and she is always looking for new challenges and new achievements.

AQUARIUS.  Definitely love the aerial arts.  Loves flying, loves being in the air.  Took gymnastics as a kid.  Aquarius is not afraid of being different, or even being a little weird.  She hates being bored at the gym, she loves pole classes - PoleFIT, Pole Tricks, POLEversions, inversions, anything that helps her build strength and defines her individuality while in the air.  

PISCES.  Peaceful Pisces loves to take POWER Vinyasa Yoga, and she can’t wait for more yoga offerings at the studio, as it keeps her centered.  She has a meditative spirit, and enjoys the more calm JPS barre classes.  It helps her feel transcendent, which she loves.  The full-body barre workout heightens her self-awareness for her body, the muscles she is working.  She is easily overwhelmed with the extras, so she stays loyal to her barre routine.  Her barre game strong.