Let's face it, we are living la vida local!!!  We are always on-the-go, work, family, shuttling kids to their various activities, etc., we can't help but to check-out in class and go over our day-to-day checklists in our heads (guilty!).  Much like we rush to get to our next "thing" for the day, we often rush to the next pose, the next sequence, the next exercise, then we get irritated and frustrated that the class isn't going fast enough.  

The list goes on and on.  And we all do it.  We look far ahead and we lose sight of what is in front of us.  The right now.  The present moment.  We lose sight of the fact that what we have right now, this combination of moments, puzzle pieces, maybe angst…those are part of our life too.  Those transitions in our life are also chapters in our life.  The transitions are poses themselves.  What happens if we meet the transitions with as much intention, grace and acceptance as the destination point?

What if we are more mindful in the transitions?  “Lift your right leg high and step it forward into low lunge” sometimes looks like a violently awkward attempt at break dancing. We sometimes overlook the movement of your right foot as it travels forward, tracing an imaginary line along the way and eventually landing softly (hopefully) between your hands.  That movement is a pose too.  These transitions are the poses between poses.  The journey from one pose to another is part of the practice too.   Transitions help connect the pieces.  The pieces of our practice.  The pieces of our life.

When we are "marching," how you place your alternating foot on the floor sets the tone, creates that strength and intention needed to lift the other.  Are you marching with ease?  Are you intentionally focusing on how you're grounding down?  Or are you just there?  Is there a place where you are holding on too tight, resisting too much, fighting ease?  Is there a place you are rushing to get to, hyper focusing on?  There is always room to let go, room to stop fighting ourselves, room to breathe and keep breathing.  Let go, even if for a moment, of what you are trying to get to in order to see what you already have.

No matter what class you take at JPS, take a moment to transition with intention, and remind yourself to be mindful of the transitions.  Enjoy the journey from point A to point B.  Don't think about where you are not, and be completely in love with who and where you are right now.  No matter where you are in life, no matter where you are in your practice.  Look at yourself and smile at the beauty and body you have created.