As an owner and teacher at j.POWERStudio, I see and hear all the things as to why getting fit and strong is sometimes placed at the bottom of the list.  Whether it may be due to careers, family, lack of time, kid activities, etc., I was a tad inspired to create a list to share in hopes that our studio becomes one that you want to be a part of, less intimidating, especially to beginners, and more accessible for all.  

1. It’s OK to be a beginner.

One of the most challenging things to do in your life is to walk into a “studio” for the first time. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, just getting in the door is the hardest step. But I guarantee you, once you're inside, it gets much easier.  We all have to start somewhere, right?  Everyone was once a beginner and in many ways we always will be.  Trust that you are not alone.  It's how we grow and evolve, and we get to do that together!!!

2. You don't need to lose weight to do pole, barre, POWERSpyn, or Buti Yoga, or any of our formats at j.POWERStudio.

This one cracks me up. I can't tell you how often I hear, “I just need to lose a few pounds, then I'll come to pole class.” Every time I hear it, I want to laugh and say, “That’s like saying, ‘I need to eat a meal before I go out to dinner.’”  It makes no sense!  It's your practice, your progress, the studio is the place where you will begin to transform your mind, body and spirit. You'll either learn to accept yourself and/or you will cultivate a deeper awareness of your needs so that you can change your habits, whether they be nutritional or otherwise. In short, you don't need to lose weight to step into our studio, or try any of our formats.  Promise!

3. The more you come, the stronger you get.

It never gets easier unfortunately, you just get stronger.  We call it a practice, and consistency is key.  Frequency is as well.  It’s like anything in life: the more you practice, the better you get at it.  You learn about what works for you and your body.  Your body recognizes what it can do physically.  Your mind connects to them intellectually, remembering alignment principles that you take throughout all the classes. Over time, your emotions begin to respond to different formats/exercises accordingly, and your spirit will as well.  Just keep coming.  It gets better and better.

4. We offer many formats, different styles, various teachers.

Yes, we offer a variety of classes....but one thing is certain: the plethora of classes/formats offer you options that challenge you in different ways.  Some classes are faster and more athletic; some are softer, fluid, and more isometric.  Usually one, two or all formats will resonate more than another, and sometimes that evolves as you evolve. There's no way of knowing unless you open your mind and try a few on for size. What matters most is what you like.  We also have many teachers for you to choose from, each one has their own flavor, their own style, you gotta try us all!

5. Chances are, you’re going to sweat.

Well this is a given.  I had a new student who came to a barre class thinking she was attending a smooth class of stretching and some core work.  Afterward, I asked her what she thought.  With a dazed look, she said, “I feel like I just ran a marathon, got the sh$t beat out of me with a monkey wrench, and took a kindergarten nap all at the same time, I FREAKING LOVED IT!!!” So yes, even in barre, you break a sweat.  Wear something you don’t mind sweating in and something in which you can wave and shake your ass. so yah it’s a good idea to be comfortable and ready to sweat.  Sweating is our favorite!

6. It’s OK to have fun in class.

Sometimes we like to crack jokes in class, some of us sing, some of us dance, some of us are clappers, some of our voices heighten when the beat drops.  If you happen upon a teacher who is adept at incorporating humor and fun into their teaching, please don’t stifle your enthusiasm. Laughter is great medicine as is smiling. Let yourself have a little fun. Try not to take yourself too seriously. This applies both in and out of the studio.

7. You will likely leave happier than when you arrived.

Gawwwwwddd this is a GIVEN.  I have sometimes gone a day or two without working out, and man, I was a raging BITCH.  "I like you better when you get your workout on, or get to studio" how many times have we all heard this?  The thing is, you're simply able to process life better when you work out. You're happier and more free. Things don’t bug you so much. What seems like a big deal without a healthy practice will later seem trivial. And you'll leave happier about life. I’ve had students tell me they arrived at class wanting to punch someone in the face and they left farting roses.  No lie.

8. We don't do scales, never will.

I can't remember the last time I stepped on a scale.  Hence, you will never see a scale at the studio, our challenges will never include weigh-ins.  Simply put, they don't determine your self-worth.  Ummm...and also?  The scale does not measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, love, confidence, happiness, and your SEXY.  My two cents anyway.  Just remember, it’s a journey.  Take your time.  Be patient and consistent and trust the process.  Feeling healthy and strong is what's most important, not what a scale says.  

9. It’s OK to have injuries.

We all have our own sensitivities/pre-existing injuries.  We can offer modifications for most all of our exercises, we just need to know about them.  Be sure to tell your teacher about your what is tender, tight or sore in your body, and we will always find an alternate exercise that works the same muscles.  Together, we can ensure that your practice is one  that makes you feel good, healthy and strong, but safe at the same time.  

10. This is your ultimate POWERStudio.

Just like we offer many different styles of exercises/formats, we offer many events and workshops as well.  From Full Moon Yoga and oils to Twerkshops, from pole shows to comedy shows.  Our mission is to keep you healthy from the inside, out - mind, body and spirit.  We hope you will find your studio “home” in us, the place where you feel most welcome, comfortable, empowered and SAFE.  There are so many avenues to practice, and the benefits are huge.  Just keep trying!  We aim to please and we couldn't be more proud of our amazing JPS Community.