Experience the difference of personal attention through adjustments and assists at j.POWERStudio.  This is what sets aside from the rest - it's our attention to detail, to your alignment, form, safety - in other words, we care about you and your practice, and want you to succeed.

If you are a student at j.POWERStudio, chances are you have received an adjustment at one point or another, AKA, “assists.” An assist can be a whispered correction, hands-on correction, or can come in form of cues.

We don’t do it to “judge” you, which is a common misconception with physical assists.  In fact, it is the complete opposite, we do it to encourage your body to move into a different, more POWER(S)ful, potentially safer place.  It’s incredibly empowering realizing how much more you can do with a slight adjustment.

Assists are very beneficial to you as a student, but sometimes students are surprised when their instructor’s helping hands shift them into position. They may find themselves thinking, “I’m working so hard! Wasn’t it good enough?” Well here’s the answer; consider us as your eyes, seeing what you cannot see, and these are merely friendly assists to help you get into a better position so you can effectively execute the exercises.

***ADJUSTMENT TIP:  When you are being adjusted in class, continue to move like you would - your JPS teacher will move and adjust with you.***  If you are recovering from an injury, it is also helpful to let your teacher know ahead of time, so that we can give you modifications for that exercise.

Why We Assist/Correct:

First and foremost, to keep you safe.  JPS Barre was designed to keep every body safe while providing full body strength, conditioning, toning and tightening. As you know, injuries can happen and develop any time, and over time due to misalignment, overuse of muscles or “borrowing” energy from muscle groups not intended to be worked. For example, in High-Curve/Roundback, or even in Flat back, hip flexors are recruited instead of the core to lift the legs, or execute variations in the exercises.  Well the simple answer is you're "borrowing" energy from the hip flexors to do some of the moves in a "core/abdominal" exercise.  Maintaining a stronger, more intentional tilt/tuck, lifting the pelvic floor, and training the core to be dominant instead of hip flexors, will easily fix the issue here.  The more you attend class, the stronger your core gets, and that assist from your instructor can give you that “ah ha” moment to really feel the abdominals working in this position.

As you know, we focus a lot on the neutral spine, in addition to a strong tuck or an arch in the back, you will never attend a class where the entire class has you in a tucked or arched spine.  In fact, because we promote a healthy spine, we work the muscles around the spine to strengthen and create that beautiful, long, lean posture that you can carry yourself through throughout your day.  Students can often expect to receive hands-on adjustments to gently adjust the pelvis forward or back to achieve this position.  

We want you to get deeper!!!  Gravity, strength and flexibility can only do so much, but physical assists during stretching sections of class can help elongate your muscles, leading to those long, lean muscles we all need and crave.

Remember the first time you received an adjustment during Parallel or Narrow-V that took you to a deeper place in your thighs? It was rewarding to realize how strong you are, wasn’t it? It challenged your body (holding the position even while shaking) and mind (staying in the position even when you wanted to quit). This is incredibly empowering!