9:00a to 5:00p



Merge is one of the only movement therapies that is based in Connective Tissue (fascia), and who's main objective is to create healthy and stronger connections whiles identifying patterns of disconnect.

Merge was created from the understanding that there is much more to the human body then what is being utilized, both in movement practices and recovery. This posed a very big question that needed to be answered. "What can we create that teaches people how to feel, strengthen, and utilize their connective tissue system, but also make them more aware of patterns of disconnect and dysfunction?"

With Merge its possible to be a trainer and physical therapist at the same time. We believe that everyone has the power to feel like their body is working with them, not against them; and we would love to show you how.


Learn the foundation principles of Merge and how to integrate it into a practice. Also, you will learn about the different Fascial lines and how to train, and create healthy movement patterns for your Connective Tissue (Fascia). This unique experience will provide you will the necessary tools and education to become more connected to yourself and understand your movement patterns.

This course will give you CEU's for YACEP and we are in the works of becoming NASM-AFAA approved for CEU's. Having multiple levels of certification, this course will provide you with foundational and advanced concepts of Merge's Movement principles.

This course will also show you how to train, connect, and assess your own Fascia with its many patterns and layers through movement. You will leave this course with not only more tools in your tool box as an instructor, trainer, or therapist; but you will leave with a new understanding and appreciation for the connectedness of your body.


  • Must have a basic understanding of anatomy and as it relates
    to human movement

  • Must have some formal education or background in working with
    the human body

  • Must be willing and able to physically participate in a low impact,
    therapeutic, and active format.

  • Must attend all hours of the workshop in order to
    obtain the certification