Three Salons to Transform you to Thinner Peace
j.POWERStudio and Robin Stebbins Present:

Robin has been passionate about the healing arts since she was a child and has worked in the field of psychology for 10 years as a certified mental health counselor. She then became a real estate investor who actualized her financial dreams but felt spiritually empty so she went back to school to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and works as a Registered Nurse.

She spearheaded and designed a weight loss clinic with a local physician in Bellingham WA that helped over 1000 clients actualize their health and ideal body dreams. At the clinic she honed her skills and discovered an approach that works with every body for every goal. The success of witnessing people from all walks of life and health concerns actualize their health goals inspired her to become a certified health coach and worked exclusively with Martha Beck in South Africa with her Star program. She co-owns WildSky Retreats with Rachael Holloway for those who want to take their life to the next level in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Robin also works as a home healthcare RN and is designing an exclusive program with Athome Healthcare that reverses type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

A personal message from Robin Stebbins

“When you suffer, in any way, it is a message from your soul that you are out of balance, from extra weight to mood swings, insomnia, depression, disease. Together we find the root of the problem address it and change the faulty programming and limiting beliefs, all the while discovering your fire, your light, which transforms your body to its lean, energetic, youthful state. You are amazing, talented and perfect just as you are. Our work is not just a matter of changing your eating habits and punishing exercise, but of uncovering the real you. Let's find your light, the world deserves to see you shine brightly.” Robin Stebbins, R.N. MHP, Certified Health Coach, CFO WildSky Retreats

This program is for:
•Anyone tired of fighting their bodies, exhausting bootcamps, who has tried a million punishing diets, detoxes, and cleanses, repackage fad diets that will NEVER work…
•Anyone who has ever felt like her body wasn’t “good enough” who has looked in the mirror and felt disgust…
•Anyone who wants to finally feel peace from within, access their strength, tap their unlimited confidence and own their POWER.

And achieve your dream body…
You have one life, live it vibrantly, get the most out of it. You have one body, love it, treat it well. This is it, your time to live your dream life, your dream body. Someday doesn’t exist, but this moment does. Make it count.

This isn’t a gimmick, a fad, a new “diet” repackaged bullshit. I will lead you through the exact same methods that melted 35 pounds from my frame, 10 years ago, and the program I developed and finely tuned over the last 5 years. I love this fresh new approach because it goes deep and it heals you from the inside out. Prepare to shine like you were born to…

The Salon Trio:

The Body Truth Series I consists of a of three salons that will jump start you to your ideal body. In the first salon I work with you to find your limiting beliefs, observe them in action and rewire your brain to release them. In the next Salon, I track your stored emotional trauma through somatic bodywork which releases years of stored memory in one session. Salon three then takes you through your personalized nutrition and exercise program (trust me it has nothing to do with what you have read or heard before, especially the perennial eat less exercise more lie.) This program helps you live your dream life today. Imagine having a body in harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This series is designed to help you finally end the war with your body and dieting hell. While learning how to make peace with yourself, going inward to finding your bodies wisdom and finally allowing your ideal body to emerge peacefully-This works for every BODY, believe me I know the depths of dieting hell and back again. The fear is that if we let go of the control, the inner mean girl that looks in the mirror with hate and disgust will make you spiral out of control into obesity. Fortunately, the opposite is true, loving yourself unconditionally gives you the freedom to find your own brand of thinner peace. Crush the paradigm! Big Parma and Corporate Greed want you insecure, sick, overweight and desperate, so stop lining their wallets buying diet pills, diet systems, fad diets, or anything that makes you feel like you are not enough. The second you step into your power you win.

Rise up and soar to greatness. I know you can.

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