Elite/Platinum Membership Cancelation Policy:  

All Elite/Platinum Memberships have an automatic renewal.  A $399.00 CANCELATION FEE is imposed if Elite/Platinum Membership is canceled within the initial six (6) months of membership (3 months for Platinum) (a 30-day written cancelation notice is required thereafter).  (There are NO holds on memberships for vacations, unexpected temporary live changes, "I just can't seem to get in," situations, etc., UNLESS you are unable to workout, and provide us with a doctor's note.)

Non-Payment for VIP Founders Membership:  

If your payment is not honored by your bank by the 1st of every month, you will incur at $25.00 NON-PAYMENT FEE.  If your payment is still not honored by the 5th of every month, you will incur an EARLY TERMINATION FEE of $399.00, and your contract will terminated.  If you decide to renew your contract, after your early termination, you will not be entitled to receive your previous special discounts (should this apply to you), and will be subject to current membership pricing.  You will not be able to take classes until your account is current.  

We have contracted with First Credit Services, Inc. to help collect late auto-debits or non-payment of auto-debits. As soon as we get notification that your auto-debit did not go through, we will contact you. If we still cannot reach you after five (5) days of schedule auto-debit, your case automatically gets handed to collection agency.

Late Cancel/No Show Policy:

Please schedule your classes in advance online or on our "j.POWERStudio" app, to the extent you can, as space is limited.  If you cannot make your reservation, kindly cancel it so others can take it.  You have up to an hour prior to class to cancel without being charged.

For the 5:30a classes, especially, please sign up by 8:00p the night before if you plan to attend, if you cannot make it, please cancel.  If there are not enough students signed up for the 5:30a class, we will cancel class.  Students will be notified via text, email or social media that class has been canceled.  

If you cancel or reschedule a class online less than one hour of your scheduled class, you will be charged a fee of $15.00.  If you do not show up for a reserved class, you will be charged $15.00.  If you are on a class package, you will lose a class.

 Waitlist Policy:

We highly recommend putting yourself on the wait list if you are trying to sign up for a class that is full.  As students cancel, students on the wait list will be notified via email that they have been added.  If you do not arrive five minutes prior to the start of class, your reservation will be given to the next person on the wait list.

Late/Tardy Entry Policy:

New students MAY NOT enter a class late.  Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of time so teachers can get acquainted with you, fill out waiver, set up bikes, etc.

Returning students, you have no excuse ; )  But, if you MUST arrive late, you may enter an ongoing class 10 minutes into a 60-minute class and 5 minutes into a 45-minute class.  If you're late, run around the parking lot, do some marching, some jumping jacks for a minute prior to coming in.  Your muscles must be warmed up.  

Cell Phone Policy:

Be courteous to your teacher and others in class and don't conduct a full-blown conversation or elicit a total selfie situation during class.  ; )  Although we love posts, save them for before or after class, it is disruptive during class.  We totally understand that emergency situations occur, as a rule, your cell phone should be in on silent if you must bring in to class.

Barre Socks in Barre Studio:

For hygienic reasons, socks are required in Barre Studio for Barre classes.  We have grippy socks available for purchase, we also have loaners in our community bin, should you forget socks.  Socks MUST cover toes.  No TOESOX.

Yoga Mats for Buti Yoga / POWER Vinyasa Yoga / PoleFIT / Pole Tricks / Pole Dance:

Please bring your own mat to these classes as these are done in bare feet.  We do not have any to loan, but would you really want to share? Feet are nasty and people have colds, especially with this horrible flu epidemic that’s been going around.

Typical Attire For All JPS Classes:

Typical yoga attire works best for all the classes.  Run/hike shorts for yoga or barre can get super uncomfortable and awkward during stretching sequences, so think yoga wear OR, even better, we have Jasmine Powers Collection activewear available at the studio for purchase.  Hats and visors are okay for POWERSpyn, otherwise should be left at home as they change your head position during exercises.  If you wear to the studio, remove prior to workouts.

Pole Classes:

Pole Disclaimer:  

Poles are designed to only hold 180 lbs.  Students MUST have healthy shoulders, wrists and back. 

Pole Grip:  

Please bring your own Dry Hands for pole grip.  We have them for sale at the Front Desk for $15.00 per bottle.

Dress Code for Pole Classes:  

Pole classes require skin contact to grip the pole. Do not apply lotion, oils or perfumes before classes as this will damage the poles and make it diffucult for your keep friction. Shorts and a tank top or workout bra-top will work well, but wear what you feel comfortable in.  Leggings okay for "PoleFIT" class.  No heels for these classes.

Kids Lounge:

j.POWERStudio provides attendants in the kids’ room only on regularly scheduled days specified on our website and app for the convenience of parents attending classes.  Parents are solely responsible for the supervision of their children on days where there is no attendant present.

Overbearing Perfume/Lotions/Oils: 

Please refrain from wearing too much perfume, super strong lotions and oils out of respect for those with sensitivities.

Chatter/Chatty Cathy's:

We love the chatter, we love to catch up, but please refrain from conversations with others once class has started.  The chatter will only cost you longer sprints, longer holds, extra push-ups, until you stop. ; )  You don't want other students giving you the evil eye.


FOR QUESTIONS, INQUIRIES, SUGGESTIONS regarding classes, policies, class schedule, studio in general, please email jpsconcierge@jpowerstudio.com. Teachers and staff only have limited information regarding the operations and structure of the studio, much more efficient to go directly to the source. Please allow us up to 24 hours to get back to you. As always, we appreciate you. Thank you.